Congratulations! We Have A WINNER!


Congratulations to Charlie Rice of Pittsburg, Kansas!

Charlie is the winner of this Rockin’ Grill, with built-in stereo system valued at $1500!!

Here is Charlie pictured with Shotgun Steve Kelly!

Charlie will have a great time breaking in his new grill  with A $200 Meat Bundle included in the prize package from Coal Valley Angus

5 (1 lb. pkgs.) Lean Ground Beef
2 Ribeye Steaks, 2 KC Strips, 2 Fillets
1 pkg. (3-1/3 lb. plain hamburger patties)
1 pkg. (2-1/3 lb. Pineapple/Teriyaki Brats)
1 pkg. (2-1/3 lb. Philly Style hamburger patties)
1 pkg. (2-1/3 lb. Jalapeno Cheese hamburger patties)
1 pkg. Onion/Garlic Beef & Pork Brats
1 pkg. Pineapple/Teriyaki Beef & Pork Brats)
1 pkg. Jalapeno Beef & Pork Brats
1 pkg. Philly Style Brats
1 pkg. Sour Cream/Cheddar Brats
1 pkg. (4- Honey BBQ) Beef SticksCoal Valley Angus including 



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