Become a Hero’s Pen Pal and Change the World

Courtesy FB/TheVeteransSite

Writing letters is a great tradition and becoming a pen pal to our troops deployed is one of the many ways we can support our outstanding men and women who serve our country. They answered the call, now will you?

Why letters from home help:

Letters help remind our troops that they have someone “stateside” waiting for them to return.
It helps remind them why they are there, their purpose.

It breaks the mind mending boredom which results in really low moral.

Reminder of Home

Many soldiers don’t have someone supporting the mission with letters and care packages from home.
Staying current with pop culture and “normal life” keeps our soldiers grounded and connected to ‘back home.’

Build Friendships

We can all use more friends. Having a pen pal that is a service member that is deployed helps foster that connection.

What should you write about?

Be friendly but not invasive
The letters should be uplifting
Don’t ask questions about “have you shot anyone”… they live that life every day- give your pen pal a moment of “normal” from back home.
If you are looking for love… Pen pal programs are not a dating service.

How to get started

We have found some resources that will help you connect with your prospective pen pal.
Operation Gratitude

Operation We Are Here

Any Soldier – Freedom isn’t free ask any soldier

Soldiers’ Angel